Who am I?

If you’re on this website, you probably know my name. It’s in the URL.

Nicholas K Watson. Australian national. As of writing this, I am halfway through a Bachelor of Arts (Linguistics) at the University of Newcastle. I’m getting to a point where I realise that I need to write more to understand what I’m thinking, to formulate my thoughts into words. I’m also starting to become a bit proud of the essays I’m producing at uni, and have had a few friends express their interest in reading my works.

Thus, this website. My intent at this stage is to use this as a platform to publish my more formally constructed essays, thoughts on matters of psychology, society and philosophy, as well as musings and even projects amongst my range of hobbies.

There will probably be a distinct spectrum in the referencing and sourcing of various posts. Some may be rigorous, and that should be the case for all of my Essays, but some may be a whole lot more inductive and experimental prior to further research and exploration. You’ll find more of that in Notes and Musings. If you read any of these and have any recommendations on methodologies to explore those ideas further, I would love to hear it.

I hope you find something interesting here, and if you do please leave me a comment letting me know what you liked and what you’d like to see more of. Such comments provide a convenient focus from the paralysing “everything” that could be.

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