Causes of the Second Punic War

Rome’s declaration of war was contingent on Carthage’s acceptance of Hannibal’s taking of Saguntum, where Carthage could have disavowed Hannibal and maintained peace. However, to even engage with this prospect, Carthage would have had to accept the terms of the offence and the interpretation presented by the Roman embassy of the treaty they held together.…

Holistic Education from Indigenous Australia

This essay was originally written as Education by and for Indigenous Australia in Semester 2 of 2020 for ABOR1110, Introduction to Aboriginal Studies, at the University of Newcastle. It has been reformated and slightly revised for this website. The state of education in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Isander communities prior to European colonisation can be inferred to…

Italian and English: Passive voice compared

The passive voice is a syntactic relationship that foregrounds the undergoer of an argument and backgrounds the actor, compared to the active voice which does the opposite. Italian and English both use periphrastic passives, utilising an auxiliary verb and conjugating the main verb into the past participle form.

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