This page will be a place for small articles that range from establishing articles as I come to understand new ideas, toward more comprehensive research.

At present, the below will show you the most recent articles. I’ll figure out how to implement an archive hopefully before it becomes an issue.

Semantic Categories

A lexeme is a lexical unit, usually a word, that has semantic meaning. Conceptual/Denotative meaning is the literal meaning of a lexeme. These meanings might be easily definable or not, especially when compared with similar lexemes. One would expect to see conceptual meaning represented in a dictionary. For example, the conceptual meaning of the lexeme…

Roman Founding Mythology

The history of Rome is seated in surprisingly specific myth. If it weren’t for the fanciful and supernatural nature of the stories, one might even regard them as historical account. I suspect there’s some significant reality in the stories that make up the Roman establishment myth, but it’s impossible to say.

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